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This Week in Self-Hosted (5 April 2024) 8 min read
This Week in Self-Hosted

This Week in Self-Hosted (5 April 2024)

Self-hosted news, software updates, launches, and a spotlight on Librum - a minimal web application for reading and managing e-book libraries

By Ethan Sholly
This Week in Self-Hosted (5 April 2024) Post image
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This Week in Self-Hosted

Redis and its switch to a dual-license model dominated the conversation this week, with some notable contenders popping up as potential replacements. (And yes, I included the Tech Gate article above because they actually used a photo of a fork as its featured image.)

In other news, the Matrix Foundation – another project recently in the news for changing licenses – published an interesting piece on publicly funding open-source infrastructure, and the team at Nextcloud continued calling out big tech firms for anti-competitive behavior that can have a large impact on the adoption of open-source software (they're really starting to send mixed signals about their relationship with Teams).

In news and content – thanks to everyone for putting up with this year's attempt at an April Fools' joke, and congrats to Braden G. for winning a Raspberry Pi 5 in last week's subscriber giveaway. If you missed it, I also published a browsable list of self-hosted apps and software based on the dataset used to compile updates for this newsletter.

Thanks, and happy!

In the News

Introducing, a Directory of Self-Hosted Software
A directory of self-hosted software and applications for easy browsing
Redis’ license change and forking are a mess that everybody can feel bad about
Cloud firms want a version of Redis that’s still open to managed service resale.
Nextcloud releases Assistant 2.0 and pushes AI-as-a-Service - Nextcloud
A major update to the Nextcloud AI Assistant 2.0, plus the news we work with several big hosting providers like IONOS and OVHcloud to bring AI-as-a-Service options to you!

Software Updates

New Software

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Community Content

AdGuard Home — Network Wide Ad Blocking in your Homelab
Let’s talk about AdGuardHome, a network-wide ad blocking software that you can run in your homelab. It’s a great way to block ads and trackers on your network without having to install ad blockers on every device.
Podman - Portainer
Portainer is an application, providing a web UI for management of Docker and Kubernetes. It is simple, yet powerful, and easy to use. But, what about Portainer on Podman? In this article, I will give a quick guide, how you can get it running and start your first containers.
I use these 2 apps for universal AirDrop rather than pushing people to Apple
They’re free, they’re easy, they’re open source, and they generate funny names.

Content Spotlight: Librum

Meet Librum, a self-hosted platform for managing e-book libraries with a built-in reader. Designed with minimalism in mind, Librum provides a clean and simple interface for easy reading and browsing from mobile and desktop devices. Features include metadata editing, book syncing across devices, highlighting, bookmarks, text search, support for most major book formats, and a recently released suite of PDF editing tools.

Librum can be installed via Docker or bare metal and requires a separate MySQL database for storage. The project's repository also states that Android and iOS apps are currently in development and coming soon.

A screenshot of the platform's home page with a listing of books
Screenshot from the project's repository

Links: Website, GitHub, Docs, Patreon

What We're Watching

What We're Listening To

Jacob Kaplan-Moss on Compensating Open Source Maintainers (but not that way)
Jacob talks about the backlash against open source maintainers seeking compensation, ethical use of software, financial support for maintainers, and complexities in licensing.
Can a VPS Replace a Homelab?
Alex goes head-to-head with budget VPS providers, which gets us into a classic debate, and Adam Morales from Unraid joins us!

Smart Home and Automation

2024.4: Organize all the things!
Time for spring cleaning 🧹 Introducing new ways to organize your automations (and more) with floors, labels, and categories. Easily add Matter devices from other controllers, and two brand new map…


Details Emerge Of Facebook’s Long History Of Spying On Encrypted User Communications Across Different Apps And Service
Last week you’ll recall that after a closed-door intelligence briefing, some members of Congress leaked word to Axios that they were “shocked” by various TikTok behaviors.Upon clo…
World Backup Day - Top tips to protect your passwords | Bitwarden Blog
Stay safe and secure for the long term by protecting your account and vault items.

Upcoming Events

Nextcloud Enterprise Day 2024 - April 24 in Munich
The Nextcloud Enterprise Day provides IT professionals like project managers and decision makers the opportunity to define their own strategy to get the most out of their Content Collaboration Platform.

Command Line Corner: mkdir -p

Add the -p flag (--parents) to the mkdir command to create a directory of new folders in a single command instead of repeating it multiple times for each new folder.

Users can also utilize brace expansion with mkdir -p to simultaneously create multiple directories of folders with a similar structure.

/$ mkdir -p /this/week/in/self-hosted
/$ tree
/$ mkdir -p this/{day,week,month}/in/self-hosted
/$ tree

Click here to view an archive of commands shared in previous newsletters.

Welcome to Developer Week 2024
We’re kicking off 2024’s Developer Week, and we’re excited to welcome you to the week and give you a small preview of what to expect, and how we’re thinking about the future of our platform
GitHub - bitwarden/passkeys-index: A collection of sites and services that support passkeys
A collection of sites and services that support passkeys - bitwarden/passkeys-index

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