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This Week in Hosted (1 April 2024) 5 min read

This Week in Hosted (1 April 2024)

Hosted software news, updates, launches, events, and a spotlight on Pagecord - an email-based blogging platform

By Ethan Sholly
This Week in Hosted (1 April 2024) Post image
Update 4/2: Thanks to all who did (and didn't) get the April Fools' joke. Until next year!

In the News

Google Podcasts is shutting down soon, users urged to move to YouTube Music | TechCrunch
Google is shutting down its Podcasts app in the U.S. in a matter of days. The company has begun warning the app’s users they will need to migrate their
Microsoft has a new Windows and Surface chief
Windows and Surface are back together again.
Twitch Changes Policy to Deal With New Butt Streaming
The video game streaming platform can’t make up its mind on boobs and butts.

Service Updates

New Services

Community Content

How to Access Netflix Games on iPhone
You can play games like Hades, Grand Theft Auto: Definitive Edition, and Dead Cells so long as you have a phone and a Netflix account on either Android or iOS.
How to Set Up a Scheduling System for a Small Business
Learn how to boost small business efficiency with a scalable scheduling system, optimizing resources for seamless operations and growth.

Service Spotlight: Pagecord

Meet Pagecord, a blogging app for writing and posting directly from your favorite email host. To get started, simply sign up for the service and you'll receive a unique email address that you can use to send new posts to. To post, simply draft a new email and send it to your Pagecord email address when ready.

Users can upgrade to premium to gain features like image posting, link unfurling, analytics, subscribers, and custom domains. Pagecord also features a basic web interface for managing bios and existing posts.

Links: Website


Facebook let Netflix see user DMs, quit streaming to keep Netflix happy: Lawsuit
Facebook Watch, Netflix were allegedly bigger competitors than they let on.
Facebook secretly spied on Snapchat usage to confuse advertisers, court docs say
Zuckerberg told execs to “figure out” how to spy on encrypted Snapchat traffic.

What We're Listening To

AI headphones and clicky phone keys
Next-gen noise-canceling and new-old iPhone keyboards on this episode of The Vergecast.
TNB Tech Minute: Huawei’s Profit More Than Doubled - Tech News Briefing - WSJ Podcasts
Plus: xAI releases the next generation of its generative AI model, Grok. And Tesla embraces advertising. Alex Ossola hosts. Listening on Google Podcasts? Here’s our guide for switching to a different podcast player.

Upcoming Events

Experience Google Cloud Next ’24
It’s backkkkk! Experience the new way to cloud at #GoogleCloudNext April 9-11 in Las Vegas. Join me for three days of captivating keynotes, immersive info sessions, deep-dive demos, and apt applications on Security, Workspace, and #generativeAI
Join the worldwide developer community online for a week of technology and creativity.
Microsoft 365 Community Conference
Microsoft 365 Community Conference is a premier opportunity to hear experts from Microsoft and around the world share their experience and knowledge about a variety of topics such as cloud services, best practices & real world project insights.

Windows Tips and Tricks: Shake to Minimize

Have too many windows up and want to easily clear away the mess? Grab a window by its title bar, hold the mouse button, and shake it by dragging your mouse back and forth. All other windows will automatically minimize and you'll be left with a view of your desktop and the active window.

Closing Remarks

Happy April Fools' Day!