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This Week in Self-Hosted (26 April 2024) 8 min read
This Week in Self-Hosted

This Week in Self-Hosted (26 April 2024)

Self-hosted news, software updates, launches, and a spotlight on Who's At My Feeder, an app for identifying bird species from camera events

By Ethan Sholly
This Week in Self-Hosted (26 April 2024) Post image
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This Week in Self-Hosted

It was a busy week for open-source non-profit organizations. The Foundation held the nomination period for its upcoming governing board election, and the team behind Home Assistant launched the Open Home Foundation – a formal entity to oversee the platform as it attempts to transition to mainstream consumer products.

In fediverse-related activity, Ghost announced they're officially working on ActivityPub support after soliciting feedback from the community last week. Meanwhile, the Pixelfed team spent the week teasing an upcoming app called 'loops', which aims to be an ActivityPub/open-source alternative to TikTok and other short-form video platforms.

If you missed it, I released a project related to that I'm calling – a directory of companion apps for self-hosted software. As usual, feel free to reach out if you have any suggestions for new software to be added to either directory, and thanks to those who've already sent in recommendations!


In the News

Introducing, a Directory of Companion Apps for Self-Hosted Software
A directory of companion apps for self-hosted software curated for easy browsing and discovery
Announcing the Open Home Foundation
We’re launching a new non-profit organization: the Open Home Foundation. We created the Open Home Foundation to fight for the fundamental principles of privacy, choice, and sustainability for smart homes. And every person who lives in one.
Joining the ActivityPub network
Ghost is federating over ActivityPub to become part of the world’s largest publishing network.
Regain control over your time with Nextcloud Hub 8 - Nextcloud
Regain control of your time with Hub 8: improvements all around Hub, new apps, new AI features, new level of performance and comfort.

Software Updates

New Software

Recently Added –

Self-Hosted Applications and Alternatives
A directory of self-hosted software and applications for easy browsing

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Community Content

Leaving Substack
MP 85: I’ll be moving to Ghost next week, because it’s a better fit for Mostly Python.
Now Self Hosted - #7
This issue will explore a selection of task board apps:, Nullboard and Planka.

Content Spotlight: Who's At My Feeder?

Meet Who's At My Feeder?, an application built for identifying bird species using photos captured from video camera events. Who's At My Feeder? is a sidecar app and requires an installation of Frigate (a self-hosted NVR featured last year) and an MQTT broker to facilitate communications between the two (I'm using Mosquitto). The interface itself provides a listing of detections with the species name and identification confidence level. The model used to identify birds can be found here.

Who's At My Feeder? can be easily installed via Docker (given you already have a working deployment of Frigate) and minimizes additional storage needs by leveraging Frigate assets to serve thumbnails and video clips.

A screenshot of the project's interface demonstrating a listing of bird species from video camera events
Screenshot from the project's repository

Links: GitHub

What We're Watching

What We're Listening To

Decentered S1E8: WordPress-ActivityPub with Matthias Pfefferle
Today, we sit down with Matthias Pfefferle of Automattic, the developer behind the ActivityPub integration for WordPress!

Smart Home and Automation

DIY Presence Sensor with HLK-LD1125H and ESPHome
Guide for creating your own reliable presence sensor with an ESP32 and HLK-LD1125H 24GHz mmWave radar sensor in ESPHome and Home Assistant.
Automating ESPHome Device Updates
In my smart home, I have a few ESPHome gadgets. It can get tiresome after a while to update this each time ESPHome receives an update. Why not just automate this process instead? In this post, I’ll walk you through utilizing a script and automation to let everything operate entirely


[Beta] Test a new online learning course
I’m hoping some of you fine folks can spare a bit of time to check out a short online course I’ve put together, and share any feedback you have. And not just feedback on the course, but also feedback on whether you think this would be a useful thing for us to pursue further. The course is called Basics of Personal Threat Modeling and it more or less covers the first few pages of our knowledge base, nothing too exciting. I’m hopeful that we’ll have the opportunity to write more in-depth cours…

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