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This Week in Self-Hosted (15 September 2023) 6 min read
This Week in Self-Hosted

This Week in Self-Hosted (15 September 2023)

Self-hosted news, software updates, launches, and a spotlight on Note Mark, a self-hosted Markdown note-taking app

By Ethan Sholly
This Week in Self-Hosted (15 September 2023) Post image

This Week in Self-Hosted

15 September 2023

2023 Self-Host User Survey

We launched our first ever annual self-hosted user survey 📊 this week! It consists of 34 questions spanning several topics (hardware, software, networking, demographics, etc.) that shouldn't take longer than 5-10 minutes to complete. Responses will be accepted until 9pm EST on Friday, September 22nd. As always, feel free to reach out with feedback on how we can improve the survey for next year.

2023 Self-Host User Survey
An annual survey focused on self-hosting environments, behaviors, preferences, and user demographics

In the News

Digital Market Act 101

The Digital Markets Act (DMA) is an ongoing effort by the EU to discourage anti-competitive behavior from major players in the tech industry. Last week, they officially designated six major tech companies as gatekeepers. As gatekeepers, the EU claims these companies control the means of distribution for software markets in which they also offer competing services and will have six months to begin complying with the rules outlined by the DMA. This is an important topic for self-hosted and open-source software like Nextcloud, who regularly have to compete with the likes of companies like Microsoft (OneDrive, Office) and Google (Drive). (The EU also made major tech news this week after forcing Apple to comply with industry standards with the announcement of the new iPhone 15's USB-C charge cable.)

WordPress ♥ Fediverse

Back in March, WordPress parent Automattic acquired an ActivityPub plugin that would allow WordPress bloggers to be followed and receive comments from the fediverse (Mastodon, Lemmy, Pixelfed, etc.). Six months later, ActivityPub v1.0.0 has officially been released. While fediverse growth has slowed since this year's earlier Twitter debacle, it's still another great step towards decentralized social networks. It's your move now, Ghost...

Software Updates

New Software

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Community Content

Address Database :: Netsyms Technologies
Self-hosted address autocomplete suggestions
Celebrate 10 years with us
Join us on September 17 to look back on ten years of Home Assistant and hear some very special announcements…

Content Spotlight: Note Mark

Meet Note Mark, the new kid on the self-hosted note-taking block. Relaunched last week, Note Mark is a minimal, web-based note-taking application that features Markdown notes, mobile-friendly views, slug-based URLs, light/dark themes, sharing, flat-file storage, and a robust note-taking editor.

The software can be installed via Docker and does require a separate container for both the front and back ends of the application. The default storage utilizes a SQLite database, although PostgreSQL can be specified using environment variables. The project's documentation lists the instructions for bare metal setups as TBA.

Screenshot from the project's repository

Links: GitHub, Documentation

This week's featured homelab is brought to us by Reddit user bmyatt99, who is clearly out to make the rest of us look bad with their Skittles-inspired, enterprise-level organization skills. u/bymatt99 provides additional context behind the setup and hardware in the posted Reddit thread.

Command Line Corner: curl

Displays your network's external IP address in the terminal.

$ curl

Weekend Discussion

Weekend Discussion: What unusual log messages have you found in the wild?
exiting, byeee!!

Other News in Tech

Unity’s new “per-install” pricing enrages the game development community
Fees of up to $0.20 per install threaten to upend large chunks of the industry.
The iPhone 15 finally brings USB-C to the pockets of your blue bubble friends
Yeah, yeah, we watched the Apple event too

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