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2023 Self-Host User Survey 1 min read

2023 Self-Host User Survey

An annual survey focused on self-hosting environments, behaviors, preferences, and user demographics

By Ethan Sholly
2023 Self-Host User Survey Post image

Update: The survey is now closed. Check out the results here!

Since's initial launch in January, we've learned a lot about the self-hosting community through feedback and interactions with the content we've posted. After conducting several weekly polls gauging user interest, habits, and preferences, we were blown away by the diversity of the community and decided to scrap the polls in favor of an annual all-encompassing user survey – which we're excited to launch today.

The survey is open now and will close for responses at 9pm EST on Friday, September 22nd. It consists of 34 multiple choice, single choice, yes/no, or short text questions. The estimated time to complete the survey is roughly 5 – 10 minutes.

All questions have been grouped into the following categories:

While we wish the list of questions was more exhaustive, we've limited the number of categories and questions for our own sanity and to encourage participation.

Feel free to contact us if you have any feedback concerning the survey that you'd like to be taken into consideration for next year's survey.

We're conducting this survey via the community edition of Lime Survey. Responses are anonymized and cookies are collected only for the purposes of saving progress for later completion and to prevent multiple responses from the same user.