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This Week in Self-Hosted (21 April 2023) 5 min read
This Week in Self-Hosted

This Week in Self-Hosted (21 April 2023)

400+ subscribers (!), more AI news, software updates and launches, and more!

By Ethan Sholly
This Week in Self-Hosted (21 April 2023) Post image

Newsletter Update: 🎉 400+ Subscribers 🎉 and Other Minor Changes

This Week in Self-Hosted celebrated its 400th newsletter subscriber this past week, and so we're kicking this week's edition off with a huge thank you to all the readers (we haven't forgotten about RSS subscribers!) who have shown support or donated to our publication since we launched just a few months ago.

In other news – we've been slowly adding more content to the newsletter, including a Privacy Corner for the more privacy-aware readers and a Self-Hosted Spotlight to feature a single application or piece of content each week. We've also started leveraging Ghost's bookmark cards when linking to external content to bring more attention to where users should expect to be redirected to when clicking a link (plus, it makes the links look prettier).

If you have any suggestions for new categories or content, please reach out using the contact details at the bottom of this newsletter.

Thanks, and as always – happy!

Industry Activity

Raspberry Pi LTD Receives Investment From Sony Semiconductor Solutions (Updated)
Strategic Collaborative Framework for Developing Edge AI Solutions
Stability AI announces new open-source large language model
First Stable Diffusion, now StableLM.
Pricing v3, plans, packages, and debugging
Today we’re announcing the third generation of Tailscale plans and pricing. Most noticeably: The Free plan is expanding from one to three users. Monthly paid plans now include three free users, and bill you only for additional users who actively exchange data over Tailscale (“usage-based billing”) r…
KeePassXC Audit Report – KeePassXC
KeePassXC Password Manager

Software Updates

Software Launches

Self-Hosted Spotlight

Meet End-of-life Disaster Response (EOL DR), a crowd-sourced guide on how to document your self-hosted infrastructure for loved ones maintained by GitHub user potatoqualitee. The recommended response strategies cover various categories, including e-mail, password managers, home automation, and storage. While not every category will be relevant for every user, it provides a handy framework that can easily be copied and adapted for individual use cases.

Screenshot of the guide's 'Tech' template

(For additional information, see reddit user billdietrich1's legal information page on the various legal documents that can also be prepared ahead of time.)

Adguard Home Docker Compose: No Ads + Privacy in 5 min | SHB
AdGuard Home is a kick-ass network-wide ad blocker. This AdGuard Home Docker Compose guide shows you how to get started with AdGuard Home in minutes.
10 Docker Commands You Didn’t Know About
Celebrating Docker’s 10th Birthday

Privacy Corner recently released a ranking of their favorite desktop browsers based on their own privacy-related criteria: availability, open-source, regular updates, built-in content blocking, cookie compartmentalization, PWA support, and more. Check out the link below to see their latest rankings.

Desktop Browsers - Privacy Guides
These web browsers provide stronger privacy protections than Google Chrome.

Weekly Poll: Do you have any interest in self-hosted AI chatbots?

Self-Hosted Weekly Community Poll
A weekly poll quantifying user preferences, habits, and behavior across the self-hosted community

More From URL Shortcuts for Self-Hosted Content Creators
Custom URL shortcuts for self-hosted developers, writers, and other content creators

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