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Custom URL shortcuts for self-hosted developers, writers, and other content creators URL Shortcuts

We've been intentional about crafting a brand at that is recognizable and relevant to the content we create – and now we're sharing it with the communities who make self-hosting possible.

We're working together with self-hosted content creators of all kinds (developers, writers, maintainers, etc.) to create URL shortcuts for their content, including GitHub repos, application homepages, self-hosted blogs, and more.

Check out to see it in action.

Similar to our other content, we're offering shortcuts free of charge and have no intentions of monetizing or locking them behind subscription models at any point in the future. We're also not benefitting financially or tracking data of any kind from the traffic routed through these URLs.

We're utilizing our own tools behind-the-scenes to provide this functionality to ensure we can properly moderate the links that are requested. We've also reserved several URLs for our own future projects, so creators may not always receive their desired choice of URL.

Reach out to to our staff to begin the conversation.

Thanks, and happy!