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This Week in Self-Hosted (14 April 2023)

Webtops, smart homes, AI chat models, and more in this week's self-hosted recap.
This Week in Self-Hosted (14 April 2023)

Industry Activity

Software Updates

  • authentik v2023.4: RADIUS authentication support, decreased CPU/memory usage for workers, provider-specific authentication flows, and various other features and bug fixes
  • Ghost v5.43.0: Add signup terms to Portal
  • Kasm v1.13.0: Third-party registries, 3D acceleration for Intel/AMD GPUs, file mappings, stop/pause containers, and various other features
  • lldap v0.4.3: Image repository update from nitnelave/lldap to lldap/lldap and other minor updates and fixes
  • NocoDB v.0.106.0: Introduces undo/redo functionality, a revamped webhook system, performance enhancements, and date/time filters
  • Photofield v0.9.2: Improved zoom view, more image formats, thumbnail generation, and other small fixes
  • Plex Meta Manager v1.19.0: New companion scripts (Overlay reset, image cleanup) and various other new features and bug fixes

Software Launches

Application Spotlight

Meet YourSpotify, a self-hosted application that connects to Spotify accounts via API to collect various statistics on listening habits. The software can be installed via Docker, although it does require three separate containers (web app, server, and database). Regardless, it all comes together nicely to present a viable alternative to waiting for Spotify's year-end wraps every December.

Screenshot from the software's GitHub repository

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