Pricing Sheet

Last Updated: 6 December 2023

This page contains a listing of the current rates for sponsoring and advertising with Please reach out to connect with us if further information is required.

Note: Many of the publications affiliated with are relatively new and still experience frequent bursts in subscribership and average views. The rates below may update occasionally to reflect the latest value of sponsoring and advertising with us.

Available Listings

This Week in Self-Hosted (Newsletter)

Description: A weekly recap of the latest in self-hosted news and content
Delivery Method: E-mail, blog post
Frequency: Every Friday between 7-8am EST
E-mail Subscribers: 2,000
Average Page Views: 15k/week

Type Location Availability Term Rate Details
Sponsor Title 1/week Weekly $75 Sponsored by... beneath header
Sponsor Body - First Half 1/week Weekly $70 1-2 sentence blurb
Sponsor Body - Second Half 1/week Weekly $50 1-2 sentence blurb
Sponsor Footer Multiple/week Monthly $25 List of sponsors in footer
Sponsor Section Sponsor 1/week per section Weekly $70 Section sponsored by...
Advertisement Body - First Half 1/week Weekly $75
Advertisement Body - Second Half 1/week Weekly $50


Ghost CMS supports functionality for Recommendations, which displays a list of recommended sites, products, and services after a new user signs up.

Location Availability Term Rate
First Position Single Monthly $75
All Other Positions Multiple Monthly $50