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This Week in Self-Hosted (9 June 2023)

Self-hosted blackouts, software updates and launches, a music streaming spotlight, and more in this week's recap.
This Week in Self-Hosted (9 June 2023)

Industry Activity

New developments at Opensource.com
You may have noticed that it’s been quiet here on Opensource.com lately.
CEO: Raspberry Pi stock to hit 1M units monthly, starting in July
Sony’s helping by stockpiling Pi’s non-silicon parts.

Software Updates

  • Abacus v0.7.0 (Firefly III iOS App): New UI, compatibility for iPads, dark/light modes, access token authentication, long-press to duplicate transactions
  • Cosmos v0.6.0 (Server Manager): Added experimental support for OpenID as an authentication provider
  • Ghost v5.50.0 (CMS/Blog): Added beta for the new Ghost editor
  • Home Assistant v2023.6 (Home Automation): Added network storage connectivity, overhauled integrations dashboard, new/improved entities, and various other updates and fixes  
  • Kavita v0.7.3 (Book Server): Support for series web links, ability to specify encoding behavior, centralized media errors, improvements to the ePub parser, and various other minor updates
  • LocalAI v1.18.0 (OpenAI API): New Docker image variants, expanded support for different hardware, and various other feature updates and bug fixes
  • Photoprism v230603/7 (Photos): High-resolution vector world map available to all (including terrain mode), MariaDB v11 support (see upgrade notes)
  • Plex Web v4.108.0 (Media Streaming): Allow half star ratings
  • Stirling-PDF v0.10.0/1 (PDF Editor): New Docker versions, reduced image size, added ability to merge multiple pages into one and adjust sizing/scale, various other minor enhancements and bug fixes
  • Wiki.js v2.5.299 (Wiki): Added v2 Umami analytics module, custom GitLab endpoints for auth, and warn/exit on unsupported node versions

New Software

Next level data privacy with easy, free and secure self hosting at home
Hello 👋! Yes you read this well. Self hosting made: Easy. Free. Secure. With a machine running at…
Paperless-ngx, manage your documents like never before
Hi there 👋! In the previous post of this series, we’ve seen how to setup a server to self host any…
Install HealthChecks on Debian 11
Guide to install HealthChecks.io software in Debian 11

Self-Hosted Spotlight: Navidrome

Meet Navidrome, an open-source music streaming server for your self-hosted music collection. It comes with an intuitive interface for managing and streaming your audio files from a browser (screenshot below) and is compatible with all Subsonic clients for mobile streaming as well.

Navidrome boasts all the features you'd expect from a streaming server – multi-user support, large collections, existing metadata extraction, multi-platform, automatic library monitoring, web themes, and transcoding (per user/player, if needed)  – on top of being extremely resource-efficient and running well on lower-powered devices like the Raspberry Pi. The server can be installed via bare metal or Docker.

Screenshot from the project's GitHub repository

Links: Demo, Website, GitHub Repository, Documentation, Subreddit

Privacy Corner

The best 9 VPNs for your phone or computer
If you’re a SuperVPN user who recently had your private data leaked, it may be time to change to one of our top picks.

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