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This Week in Self-Hosted (31 May 2024) 7 min read
This Week in Self-Hosted

This Week in Self-Hosted (31 May 2024)

Self-hosted news, updates, launches, and a spotlight on Alex Kretzschmar - a content creator and frequent contributor to the self-hosted community

By Ethan Sholly
This Week in Self-Hosted (31 May 2024) Post image
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This Week in Self-Hosted

It's been another [relatively] quiet week in self-hosted news (at least from my vantage point), so enjoy some content and projects I've been following recently in lieu of the usual recap:

Thanks, and happy!

Software Updates

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Community Content

All cloud-based products will come to an end
How not to phase out cloud-based products, other cloud-based products after bankruptcy, Z-Wave is not dead, and other news about the smart home.
High availability DNS with Adguard Home and keepalived
When your homelab DNS falls over your’re going to have a bad time. This is a solution that keeps the family happy.
Installing Zoraxy Reverse Proxy: Your Gateway to Efficient Web Routing
How to install Zoraxy Reverse Proxy

More From

Self-Hosting Guide to Alternatives: Notion
Self-hosted alternatives for the popular collaboration platform

Content Spotlight: Alex Kretzschmar

Meet Alex Kretzschmar, a content creator and frequent contributor to the open-source and self-hosted communities. Best known for being a co-founder of and his role as co-host of the Self-Hosted podcast, Alex also manages a number of other projects including publishing articles to his technical blog, creating content for his YouTube channel @ktzsystems, and documenting his path (and guidance for others) to a perfect media server built on free and open-source software.

Alex can be found regularly posting sarcastic quips and commentary on Mastodon and also publishes and shares various aspects of his infrastructure on GitHub.

KTZ Systems
Creating videos and tutorials about Self-hosting, Homelabs, Networking, Linux, Containers, Home Automation and much more…
Welcome to Perfect Media Server! - Perfect Media Server
technical - ktz.

What We're Watching

What We're Listening To

A fireside chat with Nextcloud founder Frank Karlitschek - Nextcloud
Today’s episode features a fireside chat with Nextcloud CEO and founder Frank Karlitschek, where we learn of the values and ideals that motivated the very idea of Nextcloud - how it all began and evolved into the World’s leading open source content collaboration platform.
The Homelab Ep. 128 – Getting Started Custom Keyboard & Human Input Devices – The Homelab Show
Quickemu Rising From the Bashes
Martin is rebooting his Quickemu project. Alan tells us about open source at his new job with Anchore. Mark explains using ntfy for push notifications.

Smart Home and Automation

Introducing the WakeWord-Installer Integration for Home Assistant
A while ago, I created the repository home-assistant-wakewords-collection to collect various wake words for Home Assistant enthusiasts. This repository aimed to simplify the process of managing wake words for voice control, making it easier for users to implement and customize their smart home experiences. Today, I am excited to announce
I wish I had known about the SMLIGHT ZigBee/Thread Coordinators sooner! - NotEnoughTech
SMLIGHT coordinators are the perfect choice for anyone just diving into ZigBee. SLZB-06 series is easy to use and comes with future-proofing Thread support.
Home Assistant Config by Denys Dovhan - War Safety
🏡 My home automation setup built with Home Assistant

Command Line Corner: &&

Use && to run multiple commands under the condition that subsequent commands after && will only run if the preceding command is successful (most commonly used to execute apt update and apt upgrade in a single command):

/$ sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

Click here to view an archive of commands shared in previous newsletters.

Cloudflare acquires BastionZero to extend Zero Trust access to IT infrastructure
We’re excited to announce that BastionZero, a Zero Trust infrastructure access platform, has joined Cloudflare. This acquisition extends our Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) flows with native access management for infrastructure like servers, Kubernetes clusters, and databases.
Microsoft Makes Windows Subsystem for Linux Easy With These Updates
More added convenience to WSL.

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