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This Week in Self-Hosted (22 March 2024) 7 min read
This Week in Self-Hosted

This Week in Self-Hosted (22 March 2024)

Self-hosted news, software updates, launches, and a spotlight on EGG, a minimal self-hosted photo gallery

By Ethan Sholly
This Week in Self-Hosted (22 March 2024) Post image
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Giveaway: 3,000+ Newsletter Subscribers!
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In the News

Threads opens beta to let users connect their accounts to the fediverse | TechCrunch
Threads has officially entered the fediverse. Meta announced on Thursday that its beta experience of sharing Threads accounts to the fediverse is now open Meta’s beta experience of sharing Threads accounts to the fediverse is now open to users ages 18 and up with public profiles.
Redis Adopts Dual Source-Available Licensing | Redis
Beginning today, all future versions of Redis will be released with source-available licenses. Read more on the blog.
Podman 5.0 containers.conf changes
Containers.conf is our main configuration file for Podman, it holds various options to tweak the default Podman behavior. In this post you see the changes that we made to containers.conf with the P…
xAI open sources Grok
What can people build with Grok?

Software Updates

New Software

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Community Content

Set Up a Caddy Reverse Proxy with Let’s Encrypt and CrowdSec Using OPNsense LAPI
Going beyond the basics of home networking
Research for the Open Home
Save the date: on April 20, we will be livestreaming the State of the Open Home 2024! Also in this newsletter: drag & drop, voice assistant contest winners, Raspberry Pi 5 support, and all of our favorite community highlights!
Bonfire Setup Guide
Bonfire has some excellent ideas when it comes to access control and extensibility, two things lacking in current fediverse platforms. Initially, I was interested to see how I could utilize this to supervise social media use of relatives with dementia.
TK reminders
A small detail designed to save you from frustrating mistakes, so you can publish with confidence. Didn’t even need AI for this one.

Content Spotlight: EGG

Meet EGG (Extremely Generic (PHP) Gallery), a self-hosted, no-frills photo gallery. Designed with simplicity in mind, EGG is a drop-in solution for existing photo directories and intentionally built to have a minimal impact on resources while providing responsive views on desktop and mobile browsers. Features include readable URLs based on folder structure and file names, automatic thumbnail generation, and support for view tracking via extensions.

To install EGG, clone the repository into your root photo directory and run the accompanying shell script. Note the additional dependencies for the view count extension and video thumbnails if desired.

A screenshot of EGG's photo gallery with sample photos
Screenshot from the project's demo site

Links: GitHub, Demo

What We're Watching

What We're Listening To

Why So Many Llamas?
Alex rolls back a major server upgrade, and we have fun playing with local large language models.
The Homelab Ep. 124 -Technical Debt – The Homelab Show

Smart Home and Automation

And the winners of our voice assistant community contest are 🥁 ...
We organized a voice assistant contest. Here are the winners!

Upcoming Events

Bitwarden Secrets Manager Demo | March 26 | Bitwarden
Join us for a quick product walkthrough of Bitwarden Secrets Manager! Learn how it works and how to start securing your critical infrastructure.
Nextcloud Enterprise Day 2024 - April 24 in Munich
The Nextcloud Enterprise Day provides IT professionals like project managers and decision makers the opportunity to define their own strategy to get the most out of their Content Collaboration Platform.

Command Line Corner: Prefacing commands with <space>

Preface a command with a single space to omit it from being logged in the terminal's bash history:

/$ history
  1000 docker compose up
  1001 cd ~
/$ rm example.txt
/$ history
  1000 docker compose up
  1001 cd ~

Click here to view an archive of commands shared in previous newsletters.

Best Plex NAS in 2024
Use one of these NAS for Plex enclosures to create your personalized media streaming service
The US Department of Justice is suing Apple — read the full lawsuit here
Read the suit in full.

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