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This Week in Self-Hosted (22 December 2023) 7 min read
This Week in Self-Hosted

This Week in Self-Hosted (22 December 2023)

Self-hosted news, software updates, launches, and a spotlight on Vikunja, an open-source to-do list manager

By Ethan Sholly
This Week in Self-Hosted (22 December 2023) Post image

This Week in Self-Hosted

22 December 2023

In the News

The Governing Board, our next big step in open governance
Matrix, the open protocol for secure decentralised communications
Nextcloud 2023 Wrap-Up
2023 was special, and so is our wrap-up! Dive into at all the big things we achieved together, news, content highlights, and so much more.
2023: A Year of Discovery
Body: A $100,000 grant, a new way to connect, Plexamp for all, and more.

Software Updates

New Software

Community Content

Matrix Presence
I put together some notes on presence when implementing multi-device support for presence in Synapse, maybe this is helpful to others! This is a combination of information from the specification, as well as some information about how Synapse works. Note These notes are true as of the v1.9 of …
Now Self Hosted - #6
In this issue I will be taking a look at a few note taking apps: memos, flatnotes, HedgeDoc and Note Mark (my own app).
Nextcloud release channels and how to track them - Nextcloud
Discover Nextcloud’s release channels, how to track them and more to choose the best versioning strategy that fits your needs.
Automate Your Budget With Goal Templates | Actual Budget Documentation
An example of how you can automate all of your budgeting by using Actual’s goal template feature

Content Spotlight: Vikunja

Meet Vikunja, an open-source web application for managing to-do lists. Vikunja allows users to create their own task lists and append them with due dates, labels, relations to other tasks, attachments, and other details – all from within a minimally-designed web interface. Lists can be viewed in a number of alternative formats, including Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and tables. Vikunja also supports multiple users and collaboration across lists, and even provides CalDAV integration for flexible access across devices.

Vikunja can be installed on bare metal or Docker (database required), supports OpenID SSO, and can be hosted under a subdirectory. The project also offers standalone desktop, Flatpak, and Android apps, although the latter is in the early stages of development.

Screenshot from the project's website

Links: GitHub, Website, Documentation

What We're Watching

What We're Listening To

Late Night Linux – Episode 260 – Late Night Linux

Smart Home and Automation

I upgraded my Hue Bridge to Matter, so you don’t have to
After migrating Hue Bridge to Matter my smart home is broken

Upcoming Events

Webinar on Nextcloud Hub 7: featuring advanced search and global out-of-office features - Nextcloud
Join us in this webinar about Nextcloud Hub 7!

Fediverse Chatter

This link captures the confusion about how to pronounce "fsck".

Here's the truth. Ted Kowalski, username frodo, may he rest in peace, was the original author, just down the hall from my office in Murray Hill, and his name for the program had a 'u' where there is now an 's'. Management made him change it for distribution, but they couldn't make him change his pronunciation.

- @[email protected]


How Future YouTube Policies Affect Today’s Creativity & Tomorrow’s Income * TorrentFreak
YouTube rules guiding future content creation retroactively apply to content uploaded years ago without issue. What happens when rules get changed again?
Dropbox handing data to OpenAI: the risks of AI in practice - Nextcloud
Dropbox has recently ‘dropped’ a new enabled-by-default feature that has users worried about their data privacy. As almost every company in tech these days, Dropbox is latching onto the new capabilities of AI – specifically OpenAI – with a questionable approach to user privacy. Last Wednesday, social media buzzed with apprehension over Dropbox’s new AI […]

Command Line Corner: dos2unix

Occasionally, I'll struggle running commands against a text file only to discover it was created on Windows and includes carriage returns at the end of each line. To quickly convert a file to Unix-compatible line breaks (line feeds) from the command line, install and run dos2unix.

(Note that dos2unix probably won't be installed on your machine by default, so look up the installation instructions for your operating system before executing.)

/$ dos2unix this_week_in_self_hosted.txt
dos2unix: converting file this_week_in_self_hosted.txt to Unix format...

Click here to view an archive of commands shared in previous newsletters.

Other News in Tech

Beeper - Moving Forward
Each time that Beeper Mini goes ‘down’ or is made to be unreliable due to interference by Apple, Beeper’s credibility takes a hit. It’s unsustainable. As much as we want to fight for what we believe is a fantastic product that really should exist, the truth is that we can’t win a cat-and-mouse game with the largest company on earth.
I failed, I’m sorry
Hey friends, I come to you in a public space to do a few things, and to do it all without my beloved ChatGPT. Let me make myself an outline so I don’t forget what I’m here to do: 1. I hope this message finds you well. Just kidding. 2.

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