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This Week in Self-Hosted (15 December 2023) 7 min read
This Week in Self-Hosted

This Week in Self-Hosted (15 December 2023)

Self-hosted news, software updates, launches, and a spotlight on Dockge, a web-based docker compose stack manager

By Ethan Sholly
This Week in Self-Hosted (15 December 2023) Post image

This Week in Self-Hosted

15 December 2023

In the News

Silicon Labs partners with Nabu Casa to support Open Source
Silicon Labs, the company behind Z-Wave and designer of chips used in Z-Wave, Zigbee, Thread, and more, has entered an official partnership with Nabu Casa. Our work is fundamental to the growth of…
Synapse now lives at
Element is switching to use the Affero General Public License (AGPLv3) for its future contributions to Synapse and related backend Matrix projects.
Threads is officially starting to test ActivityPub integration
Threads has begun connecting to the fediverse.
Nextcloud Hub 7: advanced search and global out-of-office features - Nextcloud
Nextcloud functions as a single platform, bridging together all apps under one roof in synchronization. Today, we’re introducing our most integrated platform yet - Nextcloud Hub 7.
Cloudflare 2023 Year in Review
The 2023 Cloudflare Radar Year in Review is our fourth annual review of Internet trends and patterns observed throughout the year at both a global and country/region level across a variety of traffic, connectivity, and speed metrics, based on data from Cloudflare’s network

Software Updates

New Software

Community Content

How to Implement a Captive Portal in OPNsense
Going beyond the basics of home networking
Year of the Voice - Chapter 5
More hardware options and intents
Mobile App, redesign, new dev, promotion… let’s build a bright future for PeerTube !
Developing an ethical and emancipating alternative to YouTube, Twitch or Vimeo without Surveillance Capitalism’s means is a huge undertaking. Especially for a small French not-for-profit that already manages several projects to promote digital commons. 🦆 VS 😈: Let’s take back some ground from the tech giants! Thanks to your donations to our not-for-profit, Framasoft is…
Travel tips from Tailscale
It’s the holiday season, which means many of us are traveling to be close to family or loved ones, but that also means being far from our home networks. Tailscale can be a real help on the road, and traveling to familiar and faraway places can be an opportunity to set up connections that can come in handy for the rest of the year. In both cases, though, you may need a little bit of preparation. Today we’re sharing a few of our suggestions for Tailscale users headed out from home in the next few weeks. We’ve also adapted this blog post into a video on our YouTube channel, if you prefer to watch it that way!

Content Spotlight: Dockge

Meet Dockge, an easy-to-use tool for building and managing docker compose stacks. Once deployed, users are greeted with an intuitive web interface where they can deploy containers via compose.yml files using an interactive text editor. Aside from deployment, additional container functionality includes controls (start, stop, restart, edit), image updates, web terminals, and a converter for docker run commands. Users with existing stacks can transition to Dockge after migrating existing compose.yaml files to its mapped stacks directory.

Dockge can be installed via Docker and is maintained by the developer of Uptime Kuma – users of which will immediately notice design similarities upon spinning up the container. (If you're also wondering, the developer intended Dockge to be pronounced similar to dodge, but also accepts the more common mispronunciation dockage.)

Screenshot from the project's GitHub repository

Links: GitHub, Website

What We're Watching

What We're Listening To

Red Light, Green Light
Alex shares a new build integrating WLED, and Chirs reviews hardware that can get you started with WLED in 45 seconds. Then, one last big update on the Year of Voice and our thoughts on self-hosting push notifications.
Snap, Crackle and Desktop
Giving Ubuntu Core Desktop Preview a shake, developing AWS Lambdas on Linux and creating an open alternative to Apple AirDrop.

Smart Home and Automation

How To Control Your Phone with Home Assistant
We’ve all been using our mobile devices to control Home Assistant, but what about controlling our mobile devices with Home Assistant?


Upcoming Events

Passkeys & You | December 19 | Bitwarden
Learn about the future of passkeys and how you can start using them in this webcast from Bitwarden and the FIDO Alliance.


GitHub - libreom/predirect: A manifest v3 web extension with minimal permissions that automatically redirects popular sites to privacy friendly frontends
A manifest v3 web extension with minimal permissions that automatically redirects popular sites to privacy friendly frontends - GitHub - libreom/predirect: A manifest v3 web extension with minimal…
Pushover Updates- A Note About Notification Encryption and Privacy
How to share sensitive information securely | Bitwarden Blog
Share sensitive information securely with colleagues, family, friends, and just about anyone who needs it using Bitwarden Send.

Command Line Corner: Ctrl + e

Similar to last week's command, use Ctrl + e to relocate your cursor to the end of the line when typing a long command. The shortcut is much quicker than holding an arrow key and easier than using the Home key as your fingers won't need to leave the default typing position.

/$ dcker co|mpose up ghost-blog
/$ dcker compose up ghost-blog|

Click here to view an archive of commands shared in previous newsletters.

Other News in Tech

Dropbox spooks users with new AI features that send data to OpenAI when used
AI feature turned on by default worries users; Dropbox responds to concerns.

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