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This Week in Self-Hosted (17 November 2023) 7 min read
This Week in Self-Hosted

This Week in Self-Hosted (17 November 2023)

Self-hosted news, software updates, launches, and a spotlight on Outline, a modern knowledge base web application

By Ethan Sholly
This Week in Self-Hosted (17 November 2023) Post image

This Week in Self-Hosted

17 November 2023

In the News

Now available: Enterprise self-hosting for Bitwarden Secrets Manager | Bitwarden Blog
Self-hosting is now available for enterprises looking to gain further control of their secrets management environment and data.
Nextcloud founder earns European Free Software Award - Nextcloud
Nextcloud founder and CEO Frank Karlitschek earns the honorary SFS Award at the 20th annual SFSCON taking place in South Tyrol, Italy.
Saying Goodbye to API: Embrace the 20% Black Friday Treat - Open Subtitles Blog
Attention Subtitles Enthusiasts! Big Changes Ahead for API As the familiar landscape of online movie subtitle searches undergoes a transformation, has announced the end of its original API service in 2022. A significant shift in its system has been set in motion,…

Software Updates

New Software

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Community Content

A Cheap No-Frills OPNsense box
If you’re looking to build a small, quiet and cheap box to run OPNsense on then I have a build you might be interested in. This box has been happily running as my firewall since July 2019. I originally documented the build in this forum post over at
Advanced Wireguard Hub |

Content Spotlight: Outline

Meet Outline, a wiki/knowledge base web application inspired by the popular hosted alternative Notion. Outline provides a beautiful interface that allows individual users or teams to capture knowledge with an easy-to-use editor that supports markdown, attachments, rich embeds, and more. The application also boasts feature support for robust searches and backlinks, public sharing, integrations with external tools and services, and comments and comment threads for real-time feedback from other users.

Outline can be installed via bare metal or Docker. Recent updates have allowed self-hosted users to bypass S3 storage requirements with a local file system, although authentication currently only supports OIDC, SAML, or e-mail magic links for users looking to avoid the recommended third-party authentication options.

Links: Website, GitHub, Documentation

What We're Watching

What We're Listening To

Google Photos Replacement
That man behind the Google Photos killer joins us to chat about the latest release of Immich. Plus, Alex’s first impressions of 45Homelab’s HL15.
Privacy and Surveillance Law with Max Schrems - Nextcloud
Your new host, Brent Gervais, had the opportunity to sit down together with Max Schrems - privacy lawyer and pioneer in the European data privacy movement - to explore some thoughts and ideas that stemmed from Max’s keynote given at the Nextcloud Conference 2023.
Blogging to the Fediverse
Publising blog posts to the Fediverse, writing a Rust program without knowing Rust, and resurrecting a NextCloud Box.

Upcoming Events

Orchestrating data and optimizing workflows with Nextcloud Tables - Nextcloud
Tailor Your Data, Tune Your Workflows, Take Your Freedom with Nextcloud Tables. Sign up for our webinar about Nextcloud Tables.
Unraid Cyber Weekend Sale + Giveaway
Unraid’s annual Cyber Weekend Sale is on November 23-27 where you’ll save on Unraid licenses, upgrades , and paid support sessions and enter to win a LincStation N1 NAS !

Command Line Corner: > file.txt

Use the command > file.txt to flush the contents of a file from the command line (replacing file.txt with the name of your own file) – helpful for clearing old log files when troubleshooting via CLI.

/$ cat example.txt
   This Week in Self-Hosted 
/$ > example.txt
/$ cat example.txt

Smart Home and Automation

Best SwitchBot Black Friday Deals & Buying Guide
SwitchBot is running a global Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale, offering discounts on almost all of their products. Here’s how to get the most out of it.


Home Assistant Green is now available
Our global distributor network has Home Assistant Green back in stock.
Backblaze Drive Stats for Q3 2023
Read the quarterly and lifetime failure rates for Backblaze hard drives.
Western Digital has the Most Reliable High Capacity HDDs with a Failure Rate of
Western Digital offers the most reliable high-capacity hard drives, with Annualized Failure Rates (ARF) of under 0.35%. Or so the latest quarterly data from Backblaze indicates. The drives include the 14 TB and 16 TB models that have been in operation for 8.537 million and 5.139 million days, respec…

Other News in Tech

Meta, TikTok fight EU gatekeeper status to avoid opening up services to rivals
Labeling newcomer TikTok as a gatekeeper defeats the purpose of DMA, TikTok says.
The “Windows App” for Mac, iOS, and browsers is a fancy remote desktop, for now
Microsoft wants you in Windows, whether you’re on iPad, Android, or Chrome OS.
Google News to deliver final blow to magazine support next month
Say goodbye to your Google News magazine stash – anything you bought will be evicted from the digital shelves soon

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