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This Week in Self-Hosted (3 November 2023)

Self-hosted news, software updates, launches, and a spotlight on Castopod, a self-hosted podcast platform

This Week in Self-Hosted

3 November 2023

Site Update: We launched a new podcast this week 🎧

Happy Friday! If you missed it, we launched selfh.st's new podcast – The Self-Host Cast – this week. In the first episode (available on most major podcast platforms), we sit down with YouTube content creator David from DB Tech to review the results of our recent self-host user survey.

If you're a self-hosted developer or content creator and are interested in making an appearance, please reach out to start the conversation!

Introducing The Self-Host Cast
A podcast dedicated to all things self-hosted

In the News

Bitwarden Passkeys Are Finally Here

Bitwarden has been teasing customers with passkey support all year – and it's finally here. Usage is currently limited to the browser extension (see the official docs here) and they can only be configured if you're running the latest version of the official Bitwarden server. Fingers crossed that support for passkeys in the popular self-hosted Bitwarden implementation known as Vaultwarden is on the horizon...

Bitwarden begins adding passkey support to its password manager
Full mobile support is coming later.

Say ByeQ to myQ

This week, Chamberlain Group – the company behind the myQ line of smart garage door openers, announced their decision to revoke unauthorized access via third-party apps to the myQ device ecosystem. Cue complaints from users of Home Assistant and other smart home software, who rely on third-party support to control and automate garage door functionality. Unsurprisingly, the community has already developed workarounds to mimic access while ditching the myQ ecosystem altogether.

A Message About our Decision to Prevent Unauthorized Usage of myQ
Breadcrumbs list

Software Updates

  • Bitwarden v2023.10.0 | Passwords: Support for storing passkeys on login items, e-mail two-step login codes are now single use
  • BookStack v23.10 | Wiki: New 'My Account' area, admin user form changes, editor design updates, basic PWA support, additional error handling
  • Firefly III v6.0.30 | Budgeting: Added 'Clone and edit' button, ability to customize URL protocol types accepted by Firefly III, transaction currencies now linked to users
  • Ghost v5.71.0 | Content Management: Refreshed settings, new Recommendations feature
  • Home Assistant v2023.11.0 | Home Automation: To-do list entities, upgrade Matter implementation to 1.2, customizable Tile cards, selectable date ranges in energy dashboards, and many other improvements
  • Immich v1.83.0/1.84.0 | Photos: Manual asset stacking, shared links on mobile, new mobile app bar and user profile screen, shared links with passwords, new storage template variables, custom CSS/theme support
  • Komga v1.7.0 | Comics: Better support for advanced image types, server port and base URL now configurable from web interface
  • LinkAce v1.13.0 | Bookmarks: Proper page titles, dashboard stats only count for current user, updated style issues, additional translations
  • Mastodon | Communication: Mastodon for Android update
  • Memos v0.17.0 | Notes: New inbox page, updated documentation and blog
  • Plex Dash v2.0 | Server Management: Additional details (IP, creation date, library count, and more), server activity overview, additional settings for server control (clean trash, refresh metadata, analyze files), download and share logs
  • Plex Player | Media Streaming: New settings for Plex Pass subscribers: Rewind on resume, automatically skip intro/credits, skip ads in recorded content, adjust 'Up Next' timing, pass out protection timing, auto-play countdown timer
  • Rallly v3.2.0 | Event Polls: Option for users to log in from an invite page, updated session handling to resolve issues with guest session expiration
  • RomM v2.0.0/2.1.0 | ROM Manager: Updated container port and environment variables (breaking changes), new authentication and use management module, gallery bulk selection, ROM and custom art uploads, new 'Recently Added' section
  • Stirling PDF v0.15.0 | PDF Editor: New support for annotations
  • Symfonium v6.0.0 | Music Player: Support for Samba shares and WebDAV, progress towards OpenSubsonic features

New Software

  • Listy: Generate monthly playlists for liked songs on Spotify
  • OpenSign: Open-source alternative to DocuSign
  • pf2open: In-browser pfSense to OPNsense configuration converter
  • Slaanesh: Video game tracker
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Community Content

Beginners Guide to Set Up a Home Network Using OPNsense
Going beyond the basics of home networking

Content Spotlight: Castopod

Meet Castopod, an open-source podcast hosting platform that streamlines sharing content and interacting with audiences. In a nutshell, Castopod manages the process of self-hosting podcasts (along with platform distribution and analytics) while providing a space (via the Fediverse) for audiences to directly comment on, share, and like episodes, clips, and other content. The software also comes packaged with Podcasting 2.0 abilities, built-in marketing and monetization tools, and several other handy features.

Castopod's documentation outlines how to install the application via bare metal, Docker, Ansible, or cloud hosting partners.

Screenshot from the project's website

Links: Website, GitHub, Documentation, Blog

What We're Watching

What We're Listening To

An impossible journey into self-hosting by The Vergecast
The flagship podcast of network-attached storage.
Alex’s Backups Disaster
How we almost lost valuable data this week, and a Chat with Doug and Mitch about their new home lab server.
We Nixed Proxmox
We did Proxmox dirty last week, so we try to explain our thinking. But first, a few things have gone down that you should know about.
The Self-Host Cast, Episode 1: 2023 Survey Results
Join us as we sit down with David from DB Tech to review the results of our 2023 self-host user survey

Upcoming Events

Bitwarden and Passkeys | November 9 | Bitwarden
Join the Bitwarden team for a discussion on passkeys. Learn about the benefits of passwordless, passkeys as a passwordless solution, how passkeys can be used with Bitwarden, and how to easily add passkeys to your own website or app.
Orchestrating data and optimizing workflows with Nextcloud Tables - Nextcloud
Tailor Your Data, Tune Your Workflows, Take Your Freedom with Nextcloud Tables. Sign up for our webinar about Nextcloud Tables.

Command Line Corner: who -b

The command who -b displays the date and time of the machine's last reboot:

$ who -b
    system boot 2023-10-27 05:34

Privacy Corner

Biden releases AI executive order directing agencies to develop safety guidelines
The executive order comes after a series of non-binding agreements with AI companies.

Other News in Tech

Reintroducing Serve and Funnel: even simpler sharing with your tailnet (or the world!)
Tailscale Serve and Funnel aren’t new features, but today, we’re enhancing their user experience based on insights from how users actually interact with them. Not to get too philosophical, but the most useful features are the features you actually use, and we hope that today’s relaunch of Serve and…
Email Routing subdomain support, new APIs and security protocols
It’s been two years since we announced Email Routing, our solution to create custom email addresses for your domains and route incoming emails to your preferred mailbox. Since then, the team has worked hard to evolve the product and add more powerful features to meet our users’ expectations.
YouTube tries to kill ad blockers in push for ad dollars, Premium subs
Ads are YouTube’s biggest revenue source.

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