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This Week in Self-Hosted (27 October 2023)

Self-hosted news, software updates, launches, and a spotlight on Frog, an open-source extraction tool for Linux

This Week in Self-Hosted

27 October 2023

In the News

Matter 1.2 Arrives with Nine New Device Types &
The Alliance is excited to share that the second update to Matter, version 1.2, is now available for device makers and platforms to build into their products. It is packed with nine new device types…
Introducing AI Bot
Our AI Bot is a Discourse expert, ready to answer all your community and Discourse questions. Multiple people can simultaneously interact with the AI bot.
Addressing Changes to pfSense Plus Home+Lab
Today, we are announcing that the Home+Lab version of pfSense Plus is no longer available for free download.

Software Updates

  • Baserow v1.21.2 | No-code Database: Row change history, advanced filtering, multiple-entry links in form view, file field support in lookup fields
  • Calibre Web v0.6.21 | Books: Metadata extraction support for cb7 files, save reading position in comic reader, cover size adapted to requested size from Kobo
  • Cosmos v0.11.0 | Platform: New backup system for container exports, compose import improvements
  • Fireshare v1.2.14 | Media Sharing: Support for upload via drag-and-drop
  • FreshRSS v1.22.0 | News Aggregator: Initial support for OIDC, reworked trusted proxies, sharing in anonymous mode, improved scaling, several theme tweaks
  • Ghost | Content Management: New editor, Ghost Bookmarker release
  • GoToSocial v0.12.0 | ActivityPub Server: Support for various federation modes, revamped settings panel, settings for instance rules
  • Kavita v0.7.9 | Books: Dashboard customization via smart filters, sidebar navigation customization including external links, series preview (Kavita+ only)
  • LinuxServer.io | Containers: EmbyStat deprecation notice
  • Memos v0.16.1 | Note-Taking: New timeline mode for daily review, MySQL support, 'Remember me' option on authentication page
  • Photofield v0.12.0 | Photos: New map view to display photo-taking locations using embedded GPS coordinates
  • PhotoPrism v231021 | Photos: Search filters for finding photos by ISO, focal length, aperture, and altitude, live photos and metadata improvements
  • Series Troxide v0.4.0 | Series Tracker: Program logo display, genre stats, Trakt data import, new update check widget, expandable series posters, various improvements
  • Subgen | AI Subtitles: Jellyfin support, new AI models, additional environment variables, refactoring of code for easier integration/webhook development
  • SuperSonic v0.6.0 | Subsonic Desktop Client: Support for OpenSubsonic features including multiple values for artists and album genres, new sorting views, native ARM64 Mac binaries

New Software

  • ContainerUp: Podman container manager with web interface
  • Honey: Dashboard for self-hosted services
  • Quilly: Open-source Markdown note-taking application
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Community Content

Console #180 - Interview with Niaz of LibrePhotos - self-hosted open source photo management service
Featuring LinkWarden, Free certifications, and LibrePhotos
Hello MkDocs | LinuxServer.io
8 AI-powered content collaboration tools for your platform - Nextcloud
Discover eight capable AI-powered content collaboration tools to use in your work while keeping AI privacy threats at bay.

Content Spotlight: Frog

Meet Frog, an open-source text extraction tool for Linux systems. Frog leverages OCR (optical character recognition) to capture text from screenshots or uploaded images and outputs it into a file for copying/pasting/saving as needed. The application also comes with support for a variety of languages and accepts contributions from anyone willing to provide localization support for their own language.

Frog can be installed via Flatpak or Snap.

Screenshot from the project's repository

Links: Site, GitHub

What We're Watching

What We're Listening To

Nextcloud | TWiT.TV
Frank Karlitschek joins Doc Searls and Jonathan Bennett to talk about Nextcloud. Nextcloud is a fast-growing open source collaboration platform that gives customers a huge array of…

Command Line Corner: echo "!!"

The command echo "!!" creates a script of the previously executed command – helpful for capturing complex commands that will need to be reused in the future.

$ rsync -av --delete /home/appdata /backup

# Capture the previous command in a file named 'selfhost.sh' in the current working directory
$ echo "!!" > selfhost.sh

# List the newly-created file to confirm it was created
$ ls

# Open the file to confirm its contents
$ nano selfhost.sh
    rsync -av --delete /home/appdata /backup

# Use the script file to easily execute the saved command in the future
$ bash selfhost.sh

Privacy Corner

Why AWS is an obstacle to reaching true digital sovereignty - Nextcloud
How to build local, open-source ecosystem giving government and citizens direct control over data, unmoderated by foreign big tech.

Other News in Tech

OpenAI forms new team to assess “catastrophic risks” of AI
The preparedness team will address several potential threats.
Reddit finally takes its API war where it belongs: to AI companies
After battling third-party apps, Reddit threatens generative AI firms, WaPo reports.

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