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This Week in Self-Hosted (11 August 2023)

Industry activity, software updates and launches, and a spotlight on Kiwix, a self-hosted tool for hosting your own copy of Wikipedia

Industry Activity

It's been a slow week for industry activity in self-hosted (and open-source) software. I struggled finding news outside of the typical software updates and launches, so enjoy some links to interesting articles I saved throughout the week that are semi-related to topics often covered in this newsletter!

How we host Ars, the finale and the 64-bit future
We wrap up our four-part series by tying up loose ends and looking ahead.
Newegg’s ChatGPT-powered review summaries could help you pick your next PC part
Newegg’s new AI feature summarizes user reviews.
Backblaze Drive Stats for Q2 2023
Read the full Q2 2023 Drive Stats report is here, and we’ve added some data points and new drives to the data.

Software Updates

New Software

  • Bunbun Kanban Board: Kanban system with Markdown support
  • CargoDeck: Dashboard with inventory of running Docker containers
  • FileFlows: File-processing application
  • k2d: Kubernetes to Docker translator
  • letterboxd-sync: Python script to scrape a Letterboxd watchlist and add movies to a Plex watchlist
  • Reviewer: Single dashboard showing all pull requests for a GitHub repository
  • Your Own Cloud (YOC): Automatic installation scripts for popular Docker services
Docker Tags: So Many Tags, So Little Time
Docker Tags: So Many Tags, So Little Time
GitHub - hackclub/putting-the-you-in-cpu: A technical explainer by @kognise of how your computer runs programs, from start to finish.
A technical explainer by @kognise of how your computer runs programs, from start to finish. - GitHub - hackclub/putting-the-you-in-cpu: A technical explainer by @kognise of how your computer runs p…

Self-Hosted Spotlight: Kiwix

Meet Kiwix, the open-source software that allows you to host your own copies of popular online repositories of information such as Wikipedia, the Gutenberg project, and TED Talks. Kiwix works by compressing the files from the available sites into ZIM files, which can then be easily served over a local network – and offline, if needed.

Kiwix offers a variety of installation options, including server software for most major operating systems as well as Docker. Despite being compressed, many of the sites can range from 50-100GB in size, so be sure to direct Kiwix to an appropriately-sized directory before jumping in.

Lastly, Kiwix is an open-source project maintained by a non-profit organization looking to bring information to parts of the world that don't have easy access to the internet. Consider donating to help the support the cost of development and maintenance.

Links: Site, GitHub

Privacy Corner

Infrastructure audit completed by Radically Open Security - Blog | Mullvad VPN
We tasked the Netherlands based security firm Radically Open Security (RoS) with performing the third audit towards our VPN infrastructure.

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