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This Week in Self-Hosted (21 July 2023)

The latest in self-hosted software and content

Industry Activity

Free Bird! Plexamp Spreads Its Wings for Every Music Lover | Plex
We’ve got a big (or should we say loud?) announcement to make: Plexamp—our highly rated, fan favorite music player app—is…
Year of the Voice - Chapter 3: Ready when you are
The full power of Assist on all of your Android devices.
Develop your own Nextcloud Apps: Check out our new tutorials! - Nextcloud
Check out Nextcloud’s new app development tutorials! Develop a complete app, add automated tests and learn troubleshooting techniques!

Software Updates

  • AudioBookshelf v2.3.0/1 | Audiobooks: ePub reader settings for font scale, line spacing, and theme, library setting to hide single book series, library filter for publisher, various other updates and fixes
  • Baserow v1.19 | No-code Database: Added support for collaboration @ mentions, new notification system, edit/delete row comments, improved search performance
  • ChangeDetection v0.44 | Update Monitor: Proxy scan improvements, new helper functions, notification plugin updates
  • Fasten Health v0.1.0 | Medical Records: Updated query language, fixed long-standing institution syncing issue, expanded healthcare insitution logo and website library
  • Gitea v1.20.0 | Git Server: New package registries, Gitea Actions updates, new API endpoints, and many, many other changes
  • Homarr v0.13.0 | Dashboard: Migrated API endpoints to tRPC, accessibility improvements, new option to hide/show week days on calendar, improved location selection for weather
  • Immich v1.68.0 | Photos: Ability to show/hide faces, improved interface for face recognition management, shortcuts for common actions
  • LinkStack v4.2.0 | Personal Landing Page: New option for admins to impersonate other users, added theme selector to edit user page
  • LocalAI v1.21.0 | Local AI: Partial support for verbose_json format in transcribe endpoint, LocalAI functions, gRPC-based backends, falcon support
  • RSS v1.4.0 | Feed Reader: Added ability to hide feed posts from homepage, PHP updates
  • Unraid v6.12.3 | Operating System: Bug fixes for networking and Docker

New Software

  • BudgetBee: Personal finance tracker and budgeting system (early release)
  • GameHorizon: Simple application for tracking upcoming games and collections
  • Muer: Open-source front end music player for YouTube
  • Next ZTnet: ZeroTier controller application
  • Satrap: Cross-platform SSH management tool (early release)
GitHub - dashroshan/openvpn-wireguard-admin: 🔐 Install OpenVPN or WireGuard with a web admin panel using just a single line of command
🔐 Install OpenVPN or WireGuard with a web admin panel using just a single line of command - GitHub - dashroshan/openvpn-wireguard-admin: 🔐 Install OpenVPN or WireGuard with a web admin panel using…
GitHub - SelfHosted-Cookbook/book: The Self Hosted Cookbook
The Self Hosted Cookbook. Contribute to SelfHosted-Cookbook/book development by creating an account on GitHub.

Self-Hosted Spotlight: Mixpost

Meet Mixpost, a self-hosted social media management application that allows users to easily create, schedule, publish, and manage social media content in one place. Touting itself as ideal for bloggers, artisans, and entrepreneurs, the software boasts a large feature-set that makes it easy to manage posts across social media platforms – calendars, analytics, comments, templates, queues, hashtag groups, and more.

Mixpost currently supports Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and Mastodon – although it's worth noting that the free version only includes Facebook, Mastodon, and Twitter support. It can be installed as a standalone application or via Docker.

Screenshot from the software's website

Links: Website, GitHub, Documentation

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