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This Week in Self-Hosted (14 July 2023)

Nextcloud's boasts over recent Google policy updates, software updates, launches, spotlights, and more in this week's recap
This Week in Self-Hosted (14 July 2023)

Industry Activity

Not even Google can take your data on Nextcloud - Nextcloud
On July 1st, Google updated their privacy policy and it’s struck a deep cord on the Internet. Claims like: “Google is using your Google Docs to train AI” “Bard is trained on your scraped web data” And even, “All of the internet now belongs to Google’s AI” have flooded data privacy and technology new…
Portainer with ChatGPT Experimental Support
Experience the latest experimental feature, a chatbot powered by OpenAI, in Portainer Business Edition to manage Docker and Kubernetes environments.
The day my ping took countermeasures
Ping developers clearly put some thought into that. I wondered how far they went. Did they handle clock changes in both directions? Are the bad measurements excluded from the final statistics? How do they test the software?

Software Updates

  • Cosmos Server v0.9.0 (Platform): New HTTPS/DNS challenge system, restart no longer required when updating config, new homepage style, various other updates
  • Immich v1.67.0 (Photos): Added ability to merge similar faces, improved range selection behavior, and reduced RAM usage of machine learning service
  • Kavita v0.7.4 (Book Server): Launch of Kavita+ subscription hosting service, various other minor enhancements and bug fixes
  • Komga v1.2.0 (Comics): API updates, page hash deletion options, added sharing label to filter panel, komga.org announcements within the application
  • Medusa v1.12.2 (eCommerce): Simplified entity and validator extensions, other minor updates and fixes
  • MicroBin v2.0.4 (Pastebin): Server/client-side encryption, SQLite support by default, new admin console, image/video embedding, and many other updates and fixes
  • miniboard v1.0.0 (Uptime Monitor): GUI config page for uptime monitor, webpage refresh intervals, Shoutrrr notification support, panel timeouts
  • Plausible v2.0.0 (Analytics): Additional visitor metrics, period comparisons, ability to update domain names, additional e-mail adapters support
  • PrivateBin v1.5.2 (Pastebin): S3 storage improvements, library updates, other minor fixes
  • Umami v2.3.0 (Analytics): New navigation menu, added Reports menu with new ways to view and analyze data, event data views, view-only roles, and icons for browsers, operating systems, and devices
  • Vaultwarden v1.29.0 (Password Manager): WebSocket support via default HTTP port (dedicated port no longer needed), mobile client push notification support, support for storing passkeys server-side

New Software

  • Gaseous: ROM manager and metadata provider
  • XPipe: Shell connection hub and remote file manager
New Container: FlexGet | Info :: LinuxServer.io
We have released a new container for FlexGet!FlexGet is a multipurpose automation tool for all of your media.

Self-Hosted Spotlight: Atheos

Meet Atheos, a self-hosted, web-based IDE framework forked and completely rewritten from the inactive Codiad project. And while popular, similar-featured alternatives like code-server already exist, Atheos' bragging rights come in the form of minimal requirements and a low resource footprint – something not commonly found in modern IDEs.

Atheos supports many of the features one might expect from an IDE, including extensive language support, a plugin marketplace, real-time collaborative editing, multiple user support, error checking, and more. Its interface is minimal as well, consisting of two primary panels (project manager and editor) with a hidden third panel for system options.

It can be installed locally through cloning the software's GitHub repository or via Docker.

Screenshot from the project's website

Links: Website, GitHub, Docker Hub

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