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This Week in Self-Hosted (2 June 2023) 5 min read
This Week in Self-Hosted

This Week in Self-Hosted (2 June 2023)

Newsletter updates/redesign, software updates and launches, budgeting spotlights, and a weekly poll on web server preferences.

By Ethan Sholly
This Week in Self-Hosted (2 June 2023) Post image Update: Site Redesign is a passion project born from an interest in self-hosted software and a desire to give back to the community. And while I love aggregating the latest in self-hosted content each week, there are occasional weeks where I spend more time strategizing and dabbling in the management of the actual site than I do creating content. This was one of those weeks.

In anticipation of new content launches on the horizon (more on that soon), you'll notice a few changes to this week. To start, I've updated the newsletter banner to include an icon that should be more identifiable as users encounter our content across the web. Eliminating the background image also significantly reduces the size of the content being delivered each week.

Additionally, I've updated the appearance of the site (self-hosted via Ghost) using a theme created by Biron Themes. While I'm still polishing things up, the new theme should be easier to navigate in the coming weeks as I begin launching content beyond a weekly newsletter. If you encounter any issues, mistakes, or bugs, I'd love to hear about them so I can get them resolved ASAP.

As usual, thanks for the continued support and happy!

-Ethan, Editor

Industry Activity

Celebrating 20 Years of WordPress
May 27, 2023, marks exactly 20 years since Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little forked b2/cafelog to create WordPress Version 0.70. Quite a bit has taken place in the past 20 years, and imagine how much …
Introducing Umbrel Home: The Ultimate Home Server for Self-Hosting
Today, we’re thrilled to unveil Umbrel Home, a dream we have had since day one at Umbrel. We’ve always wanted to create the best possible plug-and-play home server that was specifically engineered for umbrelOS. And now, with the recent challenges in Raspberry Pi pricing and supply chain, it’s time t…
Emby Server does not start - Security advisory 2023-05-25 | Emby Documentation

Software Updates

New Software

Self-Hosted Spotlight: Actual Budget

Meet Actual Budget, an envelope budgeting application that can serve as a self-hosted replacement for popular budgeting apps like You Need a Budget and Mint. Recently inherited by the community, a number of improvements have been made to Actual since its initial launch, including a shift away from native mobile apps to a progressive web app that delivers a local first, responsive web application.

The application includes most of the functionality expected from a budgeting system – categories, bank accounts, reports, templates, schedules, and manual transaction entries (automatic transaction imports are currently a work-in-progress). The server itself can be installed via bare metal or Docker.

Actual has an active community on Discord and – in our experience – has been very receptive to feedback and feature requests from its users. Like most self-hosted projects, the developers also encourage users to contribute to the project where possible.

Screenshot from the software's GitHub repository

Links: GitHub Repository, Documentation

Privacy Corner

Removing the support for forwarded ports - Blog | Mullvad VPN
Today we announce that we no longer support port forwarding. New port forwards will no longer be supported, and existing ports will be removed 2023-07-01.
Planning a new, modern and stable NewPipe · TeamNewPipe/NewPipe · Discussion #10118
Hey guys. You might have noticed the somewhat slower and haphazard updates to NewPipe for the last few releases. The thing is, NewPipe was started, like so many others in FOSS, as an enthusiast pro…

Weekly Poll: Which web server are you deploying for your self-hosted content?

Self-Hosted Weekly Community Poll
A weekly poll quantifying user preferences, habits, and behavior across the self-hosted community

Previous Poll Results: Do you use a password manager to store your credentials?

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