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This Week in Self-Hosted (19 May 2023) 5 min read
This Week in Self-Hosted

This Week in Self-Hosted (19 May 2023)

Cloudflare and Matter updates, Immich facial recognition (!), bird song identification, and a spotlight on Token-login - a self-hosted forward auth server

By Ethan Sholly
This Week in Self-Hosted (19 May 2023) Post image

Industry Activity

Goodbye, section 2.8 and hello to Cloudflare’s new terms of service
We’re excited to announce new updates that will modernize our terms of service and hopefully cut down on customer confusion and frustration.
The first update to the Matter smart home standard doesn’t bring any new device-types
It’s still mostly smart plugs, bulbs, and switches.
COPS Deprecation Notice | Info ::
Due to numerous compatibility issues caused by the upstream project being abandoned and no actively maintained fork existing, we are deprecating our COPS container.

Software Updates

New Software

Self-Hosted Spotlight

Meet Token-login, a self-hosted forward auth server developed by reader reddec. Token-login provides an authorization flow for requests based on API keys and comes packaged with a clean, minimal interface for managing tokens. It can be run locally via bare metal or Docker, supports multiple database schemas, and includes OIDC support for management of its web interface.

Check out the architecture diagram on the project's GitHub repository for a visual representation of how it can assist in protecting external services.

Screenshot from the project's GitHub repository
Self-hosting SSO (Part 3): LDAP | joeeey
How to use Docker to provide LDAP as centralized user management for Keycloak and services that don’t natively support SSO.
Self-Hosted Software SSO Auth Methods
Info This is an index of the SSO and MFA authentication methods provided by self-hosted software. SSO comprises a fractured set of standards, and unfortunately is not well-adopted among self-hosted software. This matrix intends to enumerate self-hosted services that offer SSO auth methods and M…
Deploying a minimal self-hosted Omnivore using and
Read how to create a minimal self-hosted version of Omnivore

Privacy Corner

KeePass flaw allows retrieval of master password, PoC is public (CVE-2023-32784) - Help Net Security
A vulnerability (CVE-2023-32784) in KeePass can be exploited to retrieve the master password from the software’s memory.

Note: KeepassXC is not affected by this vulnerability.

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