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This Week in Self-Hosted (28 April 2023)

Site updates, industry activity, software launches, community content, and more!
This Week in Self-Hosted (28 April 2023)

Site Updates: selfh.st/ed ➡ selfh.st

One of the most common pieces of feedback we've received since launching our publication is how difficult the URL selfh.st/ed is to remember. As a result, we've been slowly rebranding the site to drop the /ed and instead utilize the base domain (selfh.st) to (hopefully) begin alleviating some of these concerns.

We're working in the background to make sure any backlinks to content we've previously shared on the site will continue to work as we make this transition, although RSS feeds may need updated if you'd like to continue receiving updates in your favorite RSS reader.

Thanks, and happy selfh.st/ing!

Industry Activity

Year of the Voice - Chapter 2: Let’s talk
Talk to your smart home and let it talk back with our new voice assistant features.
GitHub introduces private vulnerability reporting for open source repositories - Help Net Security
GitHub has announced that its private vulnerability reporting feature for open source repositories is now available to all project owners.
Proton Launches its Password Manager, Offering an Open-Source Alternative to Bitwarden and LastPass
Proton Pass sounds exciting! Let us take a sneak peek…
Stability AI launches StableLM, an open source ChatGPT alternative
StableLM’s 3B and 7B models are available now on GitHub under CC 4.0 license.

Software Updates

  • Actual Budget v23.4.2: Various minor improvements and bug fixes across the application
  • Forte v4.0: Federation support (search, add friends, view albums, listen to tracks, and more across other Forte servers)
  • Jellyfin v10.8.10: Stable hotfix release – install ASAP if instance is exposed to the internet or allows untrusted users
  • Paperless-ngx v1.14.0: Added multi-user permissions, numerous other minor features and bug fixes
  • Rallly v.2.11.0: Updated config settings to include a no-reply e-mail, updated e-mail template styling and content
  • SimpleX Chat v5.0.0: Added support for video messages up to 1GB, XFTP server capabilities, passcode authentication alternative, IPv6 support, and various other minor updates and fixes
  • Umami v.2.2.0: Country flags now visible in dashboards, updated CLOUD_MODE and DISABLE_LOGIN variables, and other minor fixes and updates
  • Viseron v2.2.0: Authentication enabled for frontend/API, changes to failed camera retry attempts, and various other fixes and minor updates

Software Launches

  • GoWatch: A change detection server with the ability to notify via various services
  • Supersonic: A lightweight, cross-platform desktop client for Subsonic music servers
  • Traefik Kobling: A dynamic Traefik-to-Traefik discovery agent

Self-Hosted Spotlight

Meet Traccar, an open-source platform built to track GPS devices in real-time. The entire platform can be self-hosted, with server, web, Android, and iOS apps that all work together seamlessly to provide on-demand location tracking once configured. Traccar supports a number of useful features, including multiple users, notifications, geofences (to track when devices leave user-defined areas/zones), and trip/stop data. (And yes, the developers provide a Docker image installation option as well!)

Screenshot from the platform's website
GitHub - Lissy93/portainer-templates: 🚢 400+ 1-click Portainer app templates
🚢 400+ 1-click Portainer app templates. Contribute to Lissy93/portainer-templates development by creating an account on GitHub.
InfluxDB Docker Compose: An efficient timeseries DB for Metrics | SHB
InfluxDB is a time series database, which is perfect for homelab monitoring. This InfluxDB Docker Compose guide shows you how to get started with InfluxDB in minutes.
Docker U-Turn
We debate if users learned their lesson from the Docker Hub drama, the silent self-hosting winner going from strength to strength.

Privacy Corner

Mullvad VPN was subject to a search warrant. Customer data not compromised - Blog | Mullvad VPN
On April 18 at least six police officers from the National Operations Department (NOA) of the Swedish Police visited the Mullvad VPN office in Gothenburg with a search warrant.
Microsoft Edge is leaking the sites you visit to Bing
Microsoft says it’s investigating reports of an Edge privacy issue.

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