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This Week in Self-Hosted (31 March 2023)

Docker plan updates, software launches, new YouTube content, and free self-hosted URL shortcuts
This Week in Self-Hosted (31 March 2023)

Industry Activity

Software Updates

  • Ghost v5.40.0: Newsletter feature update to include subscription details and latest posts functionality
  • Wordpress v6.2 'Dolphy': Updated site editor, increased menu functionality, new header and footer patterns, and various other feature updates
  • Home Assistant Android 2023.3: Multiple server access, Windows 11 companion app, and Wear OS refinements
  • LLDAP v0.4.2: Added support for additional database types (Postgres, MySQL, MariaDB) and various other LDAP tools and functionality
  • Immich v.1.52.0: Expanded folder/volume storage selection, hardened mobile sync mechanisms, updated search UI, and various other feature updates and bug fixes
  • Vaultwarden v1.28.0: License update to AGPLv3, added support for Argon2, alternative registries, and various other updates and bug fixes
  • LinkThing v1.1: Added functionality to add bookmarks to a Linkding instance directly from the application
  • Swing Music v.1.2.0: Playlist header redesign, track thumbnails, folder count cards, and various other feature updates

Software Launches

  • RomM v1.0: Retro games ROM Manager inspired by Jellyfin and Cartridge
  • Subvert v1.0.0: Initial launch of Subvert, a tool designed to 'generate subtitles, chapters, and summaries of videos in seconds with the help of OpenAI'

Application Spotlight

Meet ktistec, a single-user ActivityPub application for those looking to ditch or supplement Twitter with an open-source alternative that isn't as resource intensive as Mastodon. The developer, Todd Sundsted, provides his own instance of ktistec as a reference for those who'd like to see it in action.

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