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This Week in Self-Hosted (3 March 2023)

Weekly recap of the latest activity and news in self-hosted and open-source software for the week ending 3 March 2023
This Week in Self-Hosted (3 March 2023)

Industry Activity

Notable Software Releases

  • Introducing MRSK: Deploy web apps anywhere from bare metal to cloud VMs using Docker with zero downtime
  • Wizarr 2.0.0 adds support for user management in Jellyfin and Emby
  • Home Assistant Core 2023.3 introduces a plethora of new and restyled dialogues, as well as a few new integrations

Community Highlights

Weekly Poll Results

This week's poll focused on user habits surrounding container updates. While there were too many combinations to add as response selections, what we really wanted to know is – do users blindly automate container updates or not? The results showed roughly 44% of users automate updates using :latest tags, while the remaining 56% deploy a more risk-averse approach.


Our Favorite Tools for Monitoring Container Updates
An overview of select tools and services designed to help users monitor and update container images
Resource Spotlight: Current-Version.com
An online service with automated update feeds for databases, proxies, and other stack applications
Weekly Poll: How do you manage container updates?
28 February 2023