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This Week in Self-Hosted (17 February 2023)

Weekly recap of the latest activity and news in self-hosted and open-source software for the week ending 17 February 2023
This Week in Self-Hosted (17 February 2023)

Industry Activity

Notable Releases

  • Homebox v0.8.0 – Feature update adding a QR code label generator, tree view, bill of materials report, and various other enhancements
  • Memories v4.11.0 – Feature update focusing on geolocation (now includes reverse geocoding and map clustering)
  • ntfy Server v2.0.0 – Feature update adding user signups/login, topic reservations and restrictions, access tokens for secure sharing, and more
  • Uptime Kuma v1.20.0 – Feature update adding a tag manager, several new monitors, and updates to status pages – as well as bug and security fixes
  • Initial release of Lard, a self-hosted URL shortening service
  • Initial release of Pairdrop, a FOSS alternative to AirDrop forked from Snapdrop

Community Highlights

Weekly Poll Results

selfh.st/ed's content this week focused on the mobile self-hosting world and our weekly poll was no exception – we asked readers to identify the OS of their primary mobile device. The results were not as skewed towards Android as we had suspected, with just shy of 36% of our readers leaning towards iOS.

We had a bit of a blunder shortly after releasing the poll where users of custom Android operating systems (LineageOS, GrapheneOS, etc.) were fragmenting the results with individual votes for their particular OS and eventually consolidated them to 'Custom Android OS'.


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