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Introducing The Self-Host Cast 1 min read

Introducing The Self-Host Cast

A podcast dedicated to all things self-hosted

By Ethan Sholly

I'm excited to announce today the launch of a project that's been in ideation for quite some time – introducing The Self-Host Cast, a podcast dedicated to all things self-hosted.

Like many others, I find listening to podcasts and audiobooks to be one of the most efficient ways to digest content, mostly because it can be done from almost anywhere. Unfortunately, aside from the fantastic Self-Hosted podcast (please go subscribe if you haven't already!), there's not a ton of podcast content where self-hosting isn't more than just an afterthought amidst other trending tech.

My goal for The Self-Host Cast is to create and dedicate a casual space for self-hosted developers and content creators to share more about themselves and their projects (spoiler alert: my first guest is David from DB Tech).

While my anticipation for how often I'd like to release episodes is very different today than it was just a week ago before I began editing the first episode (I was but a naïve child who underappreciated the work that goes into podcast production), I'm initially committing to an episode a month. This may vary as bandwidth and time permits.

If you're a developer or content creator who would like to make an appearance on an episode of The Self-Host Cast, please reach out so we can start the conversation! Otherwise, check out the link below to listen to the first episode (it can also be found on most major podcast platforms or subscribed to via RSS).

Thanks, and happy!