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Hi, we're 1 min read

Hi, we're

An introduction to self-hosted and an overview of how we plan to serve the self-hosted community

By Ethan Sholly
Hi, we're Post image

Welcome to – a site dedicated to all things self-hosted. This project and the content within have been built, written, and compiled by a small team of collaborators inspired by similar community projects.

Like many others, we've amassed a repository of skills and experience that neither our employers nor spouses seem to value. Having gained so much from other experienced self-hosters, was born out of a desire to give back and contribute to the community we've taken so much from.

Along with occasional thoughts on current events in the self-hosted space, below are some of the topics our content will focus on:

While the site itself is currently just an instance of Ghost running alongside some other self-hosted tools (which will be outlined in a future post), we've been working diligently on a backlog of content that we plan to release in the coming weeks.

Feel free to drop by and say hi in the comments or throw out suggestions on other topics you'd like to see discussed.

Thanks, and happy!